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Bovine finished leather of European origin. Thanks to its thickness and soft touch, this leather is suitable for modern models production, and treated for use in the nautical industry, according to IMO RES A652 (16) specifications. Very fine pigments are exclusively employed in the finishing process, to obtain an excellent fastness to light and a constant covering.

Leather size: 5,50 m2   Thickness: 1,3 mm

Atlantic Ottico
Atlantic Mont Blanc
Atlantic Porcellana
Atlantic Magnolia
Atlantic Ivory
Atlantic Sable
Atlantic Tortora
Atlantic Nougat
Atlantic Khakhi
Atlantic Milk Honey
Atlantic Cream
Atlantic Panama
Atlantic Caramel
Atlantic Terra
Atlantic Yellow Green
Atlantic Olive
Atlantic Musk
Atlantic Forest
Atlantic Slight Yellow
Atlantic Senape
Atlantic Cornflake
Atlantic Arancio
Atlantic Coral
Atlantic Ferrari
Atlantic Scarlet
Atlantic Plum
Atlantic Black Soul
Atlantic Fumee
Atlantic Ecru
Atlantic Bianco
Atlantic Gigi
Atlantic Mastice
Atlantic Sienna
Atlantic Taupe
Atlantic Mouse
Atlantic Black China
Atlantic Pearl Grey
Atlantic Camelia
Atlantic Blush
Atlantic Vinnacia
Atlantic Chesnut
Atlantic Cocoa
Atlantic Stone
Atlantic Antracite
Atlantic Ombra
Atlantic Slate Grey
Atlantic Violet Blue
Atlantic Royal
Atlantic Notte