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FURS is quality leather with cut hair. It is soft with shiny and strong hair. The leather is strong enough for upholstery and haberdashery. Furs is available in natural colors as well as fashionable colors and designs.

Leather size: 2,50 m2   Thickness: 1,0 mm

Furs Giraffa Bianca
Furs Cavallino Tortora
Furs Giaguaro Marrone
Furs Cavallino Brown
Furs Cavallino Testa d iMoro
Furs Giraffa Marrone
Furs Astrakan Nero
Furs Astrakan Fuxia
Furs Astrakan Rosso
Furs Dalmata Bianco
Furs Lince Bianca
Furs Tigretta Bianca
Furs Giaguaro Beige
Furs Lince Marrone
Furs Dalmata Marrone
Furs Laguna Nera