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A well known leather type for classical furniture, Leicester is fully chrome tanned leather. LEICESTER is richly aniline dyed and treated with a special hand rubbed finish. This is skilfully applied to reproduce the unique hand antiqued, smooth and lustrous finish of the past, but maintains the long life performance required of the present. Thanks to the environmentally friendly protection layer which produces a beautiful silky shine in combination with the hand rubbed finish, the leather is exceptionally well suited for classical, traditional furniture. In addition, our very strong finish provides increased protection against sunlight, dirt and moisture. Leicester meets the highest European standards for pigmented upholstery leathers, Fire Retardancy as per 95/28/EG automotive-industry and BS 5852 part 1 for cigarette and match tests. Leicester complies with Crib 5.

Leather size: 6,00 m2   Thickness: 1,1 mm

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