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Bovine finished leather of European origin, well-fitting with any style and treated for use in the nautical industry, according to IMO RES A652 (16) specifications. Very fine pigments are exclusively employed in the finishing process, to obtain an excellent fastness to light and a constant covering.

Leather size: 5,50 m2   Thickness: 1,0 mm

Ocean Bianco
Ocean Milk
Ocean Pearl
Ocean Wool
Ocean Rock
Ocean Kalahari
Ocean Gobi
Ocean Military
Ocean Fango
Ocean Yogurt
Ocean Cream
Ocean Camel
Ocean Peanut
Ocean Sandy
Ocean Biscuit
Ocean Lady
Ocean Red Apple
Ocean Allium
Ocean Milk Honey
Ocean Sahara
Ocean Calypso
Ocean Mandarin
Ocean Arancio
Ocean Vitamin
Ocean Orange
Ocean Grenada
Ocean Bordeaux
Ocean Vanilla
Ocean Desert
Ocean Giallo
Ocean Nocciola
Ocean Bruciato
Ocean Cognac
Ocean Terracotta
Ocean Whiskey
Ocean Donkey
Ocean Pebble
Ocean Beige
Ocean Dark Beige
Ocean Marroncino
Ocean Castagne
Ocean Bear
Ocean Moka
Ocean Cigar
Ocean Ebony
Ocean Lemon
Ocean Malibu
Ocean Lime
Ocean Green Apple
Ocean Bonsai
Ocean Violet
Ocean Glicine
Ocean Pansy
Ocean Purple
Ocean Emerald
Ocean Mauritius
Ocean Ice Cream
Ocean Acqua
Ocean Stone
Ocean Ice Berry
Ocean Castor
Ocean Grey
Ocean Topo
Ocean Cloudy
Ocean Sky
Ocean Takko Blue
Ocean Denim
Ocean Electric Blue
Ocean Deep Blue
Ocean Black Velvet