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ELDORADO because of used special mineral processes, has smooth structure and soft fit. The leather if colored with beautiful sate colors with silky gold-silver or copper like luster. The leather comes from quality European stock.

Leather size: 5,50 m2   Thickness: 1,0 - 1,2 mm

Scala White
Scala Rice
Scala Sparrow
Scala Cumin
Scala Crumble
Scala Rough
Scala Fox
Scala Twig
Scala Truffle
Scala Pure
Scala Lace
Scala Classic
Scala Charm
Scala Rose
Scala Avenue
Scala Pixie
Scala Element
Scala Bark
Scala Noon
Scala Dawn
Scala Dusk
Scala Blizzard
Scala Nova
Scala Berry
Scala Vibrant
Scala Burlesque
Scala Grand
Scala Cardamon
Scala Pond
Scala Syrup
Scala Pumpkin
Scala New Sprig
Scala Emerald
Scala Jade
Scala Lake
Scala Woodland
Scala Frost
Scala Coast
Scala Royal Ink
Scala Midnight
Scala Breeze
Scala Mouse
Scala Tide
Scala Fossil
Scala Black