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Super Nubuck

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SUPER NUBUCK is the finest nubuck available to the furniture industry today. Its soft, velvet-like hand is rich and luxurious and its tannage is as soft as butter. Super nubuck is produced in a slightly thicker substance (1.3-1.5mm) which adds an extra dimension to its appeal. Simply run your hand over the silky surface of Super Nubuck and you will instantely know what makes this leather so special. To further enhance its value, Super Nubuck has been fully treated with Scotchgard type treatment and will resist water spotting and staining.

Leather size: 6,00 m2   Thickness: 1,4 mm

Super Nubuck Cream
Super Nubuck Vanilla
Super Nubuck Camel
Super Nubuck Cinnamon
Super Nubuck Mocha
Super Nubuck Rust
Super Nubuck Brick
Super Nubuck Chocolate
Super Nubuck Dark Roast
Super Nubuck Mink
Super Nubuck Taupe
Super Nubuck Black