Maintenance of leather

Leather is very practical. If properly cared for, it will preserve its look and characteristics for years. Equally important is correct leather furniture placement in the office/home. Minimal distance from heating shouldn’t be smaller than 50 cm. Nor direct sunlight, fireplace sparks, high humidity and pets claws help the leather either.

Maintenance is also important. Leather needs to be cleaned at least twice a year by products recommended by producer. First maintenance is recommended before first use, because new furniture contains  dust  from production. Protective balsam can preserve the surface from stains or even minor mechanical damage. First cleaning is recommended after six months. Good product removes dirt and sweat from leather´s pores, cheaper ones make the leather dry, clog pores and causing it stopped breathing. We must never forget that after cleaning the leather needs balsam. Various kinds of leather require various types of cleaners and cleaning.