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Natural-grained bovine finished leather of European origin, medium size 5 sqmt, thickness 1.2/1.4, studied for the production of modern seats. Very fine pigments are exclusively employed in the finishing process, to obtain an excellent fastness to light and a constant covering.

Leather size: 5,50 m2   Thickness: 1,3 mm

Vogue Moon
Vogue Off White
Vogue Neve
Vogue Butterfly
Vogue Ice Cream
Vogue Ash
Vogue Safari
Vogue Praline
Vogue Heavy
Vogue Champagne
Vogue Cappuccino
Vogue Tuscany
Vogue Sienna
Vogue Tabac
Vogue Apes
Vogue Moka
Vogue Venezia
Vogue Onyx
Vogue Jade
Vogue Jungle
Vogue Oxblood
Vogue Lilium
Vogue Barolo
Vogue Grapes
Vogue Aubrgine
Vogue Storm
Vogue Loden
Vogue Brandy
Vogue Sunset
Vogue Lipstick