Utilizability of leather

Utilizability  depends on origin and quality of stock, average size and processing. Utilizability  has primary consequence on production process and price.

The highest utilizability comes from European material. The average size of 5-6,5 m2 enables cutting even the biggest parts required by contemporary designs of sofas.  Moreover  EU material is degraded by bush scratches, scars and insects bites and stings. This leather needs no correcting. Royal and Diamond leathers are moreover painted with the best paints. Their lifespan is more than double. Sitting comfort is due to modern technologies very high as well.

Fairly high utilizability can be paradoxically achieved also from cheaper leather too. It  primarily comes from Brazilian stock. Hides are small, with average size of 3,5-4,5 m2 and  painted and corrected – or artificially corrected. Correction (roughing, binding) and heavy painting grained leather covers all natural signs and imperfections. That also suppresses its authenticity. This leather tends to crack, peel off the top finish and the paint. Its lifespan is limited. Sitting comfort is limited as well.

The least utilizability is achieved with fully natural leather. It is caused by its naturally imperfect and unique look. The main emphasis in processing is put on user´s comfort, which is insurmountable.