The price of leather

The price of leather used for furniture makes significant part of overall price.

The most expensive is aniline – fully natural, highly comfortable and durable leather. Aniline leather expresses noble lifestyle. It is soft and durable at the same time, valuable, timeless equipped with patina of life. It guarantees ideal elegance, luxury and natural beauty. The price can vary depending on products and used stock, average size and processing.

Fairly expensive is durable, quality processed semi-aniline or painted leather. The price depends on used stock, technological process, paints… Therefore prices in this category may significantly vary. This leather is good choice for extensively used interiors, eateries, hotels, offices, vehicles, but also for families for everyday use.

The cheapest is corrected and painted leather. It is given away by typical smell of paints, varnish and chemicals. It has perfect look and structure,  sitting comfort is however limited. Split should not be used at all for any furniture that comes to contact with human body. Despite all of this, there are producers who disregard this fact. Low price of such sofa gives away the kind of leather used for its production.