Leather sofa

Purchase of any sofa is usually big decision. It is allegedly the third biggest investment in our life, after buying a house. Durability of high quality leather sofas can be of 15 to 30 years without having to do any repairs. As for the lifespan, it provides us with longer comfort than  car or any appliance.

Yes, good leather sofas are expensive.

Leather sofas can be cheap as well, but you can surely imagine your feeling, when soon after the purchase your sofa starts resemble shipwreck. And the repairs are usually as expensive as the new one.
Therefore it is important to learn some basic facts about leather beforehand. This way you will not make mistake of paying much for low quality or even leather fakes. Read on and learn how to buy good leather sofas.

The best solution is never the cheapest one

If the salesman keeps convincing you when buying 999,99 euro sofa that their leather is soft and warm, it is likely that you are about to be cheated. In the end  you would have to cover you sofa wit blanket or rather choose to sit on the carpet.  And if your friends praise your nice leatherette sofa, don’t blame them. Cheap leather sofas and leatherette sofas look the same. We by no means have any intention of making you buy expensive ones nor we blame those who buy cheap ones, we just want to tell you that there is a difference between leather and the  leather. Just like the bridges are not made of soft spruce wood, cars are not made of paper; good sofa cannot be made of bad and cheap leather.

Fortunately there are some quality sofa producers in Slovakia. It may not be always easy to find them, therefore we will be publishing them in your column “references.”

Brand name sofa does not have to be quality one

Just as it is important to use good leather, equally important is good frame and craftsmanship. 5000 euro sofas might be actually worth 20% of their price. Remaining 80% is price for the name, design or profit of skillful salesman. Many world-brand-name producers produce also economical class to boost sales therefore buying brand name sofa sometimes means buying an average product.