Comfort of leather

The most comfortable leather is fine like silk, soft like butter with pleasant warm feel on touch. Good leather has inimitable softness, charm and elegance, enhances feeling of luxury. It is durable, aerial with pleasant scent.

Total comfort can be reached only by refining the best and therefore the most expensive leather. Aniline leather is fully natural and maintain silky look and texture. All natural marks like healed scars, neck wrinkles, spots only confirm its authenticity. Utilizability of this leather is naturally lower, however its lifespan can exceed 100 years. Aniline leather creates its own patina which further improves its natural look and gives us high level of comfort. It is offered by many manufacturers in significantly varying quality.

Satisfactory comfort can provide good semi-aniline leather. Good semi-aniline leather has original polished side and it is lightly painted. Less quality leather has polished grain with heavy painted surface. Leather with natural grain is the most expensive and the most durable. Durable hides excel in lifespan which is important feature with sofas and chairs.
Satisfactory comfort can provide also pigmented leather with slightly polished grain. It must however come from quality material and painted with quality aniline paints.

Minimal comfort is provided by cheap synthetically painted leather from non-European raw material. The same applies for “by cast” covered by polyurethane.