In ecological field people behave the same way as financial institutions: we look for immediate satisfaction regardless of consequences. Impact of ecological crisis is however more serious and overconsumption of natural resources endangers the future of our planet.

Leather producers that Royal Market represents belong to world´s top companies in enforcing ecological procedures. The leather is secondary product of meat industry. Animals are bred, slaughtered for meat and leather is sold to tanneries, where is refined and transformed into final products such as furniture, clothing, shoes…

All of our leather from Royal & Diamond Collection is made in EU from European stock. Royal Market does not deal with leather or stock from Brazil. Therefore we do not support illegal and careless devastation of rainforests at the expense of extending pastures for livestock.
We ship or product the most effective way via courier companies. We do not pollute the environment as it happens with individual transport. Royal Market recycles waste from upholsteries. It does not end up on dumping place or incinerator. This way we would like to thank to our clients who equally wish to contribute to saving our environment.