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Fine-grained bovine finished leather of European origin, treated for use in the nautical industry, according to IMO RES A652 (16) specifications. Very fine pigments are exclusively employed in the finishing process, to obtain an excellent fastness to light and a constant covering. It's very soft and natural-looking; it can be used for the production of upholstered furniture of medium to high range.

Leather size: 5,00 m2   Thickness: 1,0 mm

Mediteran White
Mediteran Snow
Mediteran Dash
Mediteran Latte
Mediteran Marble
Mediteran Vanilla
Mediteran Cappuccino
Mediteran Tortora
Mediteran Fango
Mediteran Caffelatte
Mediteran Siena
Mediteran Rosa
Mediteran Bordeaux
Mediteran Brick
Mediteran Cherry
Mediteran Scarlet
Mediteran Amaranto
Mediteran Burgundy
Mediteran Crema
Mediteran Yellow
Mediteran Corn
Mediteran Arancio
Mediteran Orange
Mediteran Mattone
Mediteran Glove
Mediteran Terra
Mediteran Nougat
Mediteran Straw
Mediteran Apricot
Mediteran Sabbia
Mediteran Wood
Mediteran Safari
Mediteran Chocolate
Mediteran Mocha
Mediteran Coffee
Mediteran Ebony
Mediteran Smoke
Mediteran Stone
Mediteran Lotus
Mediteran Jungle
Mediteran Olivine
Mediteran Brazil
Mediteran Emerald
Mediteran Pine
Mediteran Purple
Mediteran Lilla
Mediteran Violet
Mediteran Titan
Mediteran Elite
Mediteran Asfalto
Mediteran Cassio
Mediteran Grey
Mediteran Antracite
Mediteran Ink Black
Mediteran Mineral
Mediteran Ambrela
Mediteran Rain
Mediteran Aqua
Mediteran Royal
Mediteran Marine